Queen Marie-Antoinette was a very amazing person. When she arrives in France in 1776, to marry Louis XVI, she was young and discovered Château de Versailles, her new home, with sparkling eyes.
Few years later, she got involved in a great debate among the european high societies for a new topic : the English garden. The trends was to let the trees grow naturally, in harmony with other species. These garden with ponds, small wooden bridges, areas to take rest, to chatt and to play… changed the way of life as an avant-garde feeling for ecology.
Marie-Antoinette decided to create an English garden that starts from the Petit Trianon till the Queen’s Hamlet, showing how strong and innovative could be a Queen. Thanks to her, It is now a promenade between very high and very old trees.

My exhibition will show Queen Marie-Antoinette in different colours and shapes   It will take place at Versailles, at the domain of Madame Elisabeth, who was Marie-Antoinette’s sister-in-law. (see description page Parcs) from 7th to 18th, October 2020. Entry free (11 to 18 pm). Don’t miss.
Arts photography on this exhibition are on sale in our on-line boutique.

Tara Soultana

Exposition photographique art visuel qui aura lieu du 7 au 18 octobre 2020 au Domaine de Mme Elisabeth, à Versailles.

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