Jules Verne is a great French sci-fi author of the 19th century. Well known by British, Americans, Asians, he lived in this house in Amiens from 1882 to 1900, developing his huge creativity writing novels and fanstastic adventures. He wrote more than one hundred books.
His main inspiration was the numerous scientific and industrial inventions at that time which boosted travels and knowledge of the world. He was curious and accomplished himself some travels : Scotland (inspiring “Captain Grant”, “Black Indies”), Scandinavia (Sweden, Finland, Denmark) where takes place “Voyage au centre de la terre”.
An amazing journey was on the Great Eastern, huge boat transporting 5000 passengers, that he took to reach New York and the Niagara Falls (novel “Floating city”). Later, he could purchase boats and visited England, Spain, Italy, North Africa… Wherever he went, he was having great treatment by officials as his best seller “Around the world in 80 days” was translated in many countries.
Another best-seller “20 thousand miles under the sea” was inspired by the mysterious boats accidents in the Bermudes and the monster of Lochness, newspapers’ topics for a long while.
His House is opened to the public since 2006. You enter in his way of living and working place, specially his library next to his working room, small and secret. You can also see models of flying machines he created for his novels and… for us, coming generations. And today we are living in HIS world !
He would have been alive today, he would write “Back to the future” and would be working with Spielberg. As we are celebrating the success of Apollo lunar mission, it is worthy to mention that Jules Verne wrote a novel titled “From Earth to the Moon” in 1869, just a century before the reality, in a journey that will last 97 hours and 20 minutes ! (shall we bet that it will happen ?).

Maison Jules Verne, 2 rue Charles Dubois, 80000 Amiens    (1 hour from Paris Gare du Nord (railway station).

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